great software is like

great sushi

it's made fast, it's made fresh, and it makes people happy


we make

great software

websites and applications

we specialize in Ruby on Rails and work with most back-end and front-end technologies

mobile applications

we build iOS and Android apps

custom software

if you can dream it, we can build it

why we do it
  • we love making things, especially with software
  • we love working with people who are dreaming up products & services that will make a difference in the world
how we do it
  • we take a very immersive approach: we want to feel like teammates, not consultants
who we work with
  • people who are nice
  • companies of all stages, from super early startups to big companies (as long as they want to move as fast as a startup)

the sushi chefs

Aaron Vasquez

Aaron is a full-stack software engineer. He has been part of two startups, where he led iOS development. Aaron has mastered the art of the perfect parallax scroll and also happens to be the proud owner of an Australian Shepherd named Potato. Aaron has a BS from NYU.

Casey Gibbons

Casey leads product design and management for Maki Fund. He has been working with startups for almost a decade in roles ranging from founder & product lead to venture capitalist. Casey has a BA from Williams College.

Matt Jones

Matt is a full-stack software engineer and is Maki Fund’s technology lead. He has led engineering teams for startups as well as big companies. Matt has been writing code for almost 20 years and still loves learning new technologies - he recently picked up Ember.js in two days. Matt has a BS from Northeastern University.

Marissa Wilson

Marissa is a marketing and business development advisor to Maki Fund. When we can steal her away from her duties as CEO of Riley & Grey, she weighs in on how to define, differentiate, and grow early stage client brands. She is a pop culture and design junkie and takes her rabid media consumption very seriously. Marissa has a BS from Cornell University and an MBA from Harvard University.

Larry Buchanan

Larry Buchanan is a journalist, designer, and illustrator and (by some standards) coder. He makes ridiculous graphics for McSweeney's and more serious ones for the New York Times. He's done work for ESPN, the Onion, Nike, and the New Yorker. He once drew a beaver dam full of dead bodies, it was published in a book, and he got paid for it.

Andrew Yi

Andrew is a full-stack web developer. He has a passion for all things Ruby, and is currently focusing on Rails and Javascript. Andrew is an advocate of humanitarian work and just recently left a caseworker position at a Hong Kong NGO. Andrew has a BS from Syracuse University and is a graduate of General Assembly's WDI program.

we live/work/play in nyc

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